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Monthly Archives: March 2011


lemon night post & 4th stanza
where old men bicker
subway to canal street
bazzar nigthmare
grosso fugue &
coming out of the closet
Chopin by sunset
Mozart in the shower
Thalberg down the sink
Wagner in the compost
Beethoven at the police dept.
Liszt where it hurts
Berlioz & spaghetti
Scarlatti goes camping
Brahms the imposter


i forgot my are you there yet bumper sticker @ ur house
get back to me if you can answer my questions
i am trying to believe you when you say ur fave prez. was Andrew Jackson but i just thought i knew u a bit bettr

rest up and you’ll be over your marxism in no time
ur friend
John “Schopenhauer” Lenin


i am not your suitcase.
i am not your pajamas.
i am not your uncle.
i am not your Zohar.
i am not your India.
& if you say fast & think ill jump youre wrong.
lovely bourbon
steinbeck novels
& law and order reruns
tomato pie & jack daniels posters
america on the pogo stick in 1982 & ronald reagan at your birthday party
crack boom pow etc.
remember all that babe?
yeah! so do i.
i was intelligent.
i was beautiful.
i was young.
i was french.
i was new york.
i was lamppost.
i was college.
ring around & without saying i know okay? i know.
we were good together once.
loneliness is not for sale.
dont bother looking on craigslist.
dont bother looking in your dad’s closet.
dont bother looking to the south.
dont bother looking in your fridge.
dont bother looking in the history books.
get it over it girl.
at least we aren’t friends.

how hard it is singing everynite
in the same little burrow w/o u
to conquer me & i must say these
miners dont have taste like u my dear
ya & they dont know a lick about
Mahler & couldnt tell you the first
thing about Milton Friedman or Peggy
Lee. afterall they aren’t like u
or I my dear. no they’re up to their
eyeballs in hyenas & id bet most
of them dream that they were named
Robert or Saul & that their eyes
could be replaced with grandfather
clocks at any moment they desired.
yes its hard dancing here everynight
in this stupid lottery worker penal colony
but i do it just for you my dear
& i know youre out there somewhere
thinkin about me too & one day
we will be back together with a door
knob of our own & a jack-in-the-box
& a aluminum bottle to call home
& until then ill just wait here for u
& don’t forget to bring the milk when
you finally decide to come home